10 janvier 2018

One year of sailing with Ti.Po.tA winds!

Regalito de Ti.Po.tA con un mensaje de amor tan importante por nuestro mundo...
Petit cadeau de Ti.Po.tA avec un message d'amour si important pour notre monde...
A little gift from Ti.Po.tA with a love message so important for our world...

One year of sailing with Ti.Po.tA Winds !
Thank you so much for your love and trust!
In 2017 our little Ti.Po.tA seed grew up with your help and now is climbing the walls..
Ti.Po.tA is everything,.. Ti.Po.tA is nothing.. Ti.Po.tA is mama's homemade cake..
Ti.Po.tA is love..
Between earth and moon we lay..
Between past and future we breath..
Between you and us we sing..
When everything is nothing , there is space for everybody !
Be nothing! Be everything! Be free!
Be love!


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